With offices in Dubai and South Africa, your access to the perfect production is covered. We love where we live and there are a million reasons to come and shoot here. Diverse locations from the sea, to the desert, and cityscapes that could be almost anywhere, we really have a world in one country. There is a wide diversity of cast, incredible crews and of course our amazing service. We also cover the whole of the middle east and North Africa regions.

Traveling to shoot your film shouldn’t mean accepting compromises or settling for less.

ROLLING THUNDER’s mission is to help producers and directors to maximize their budgets’ value to afford their clients every opportunity to get the best creative as well as bang for their buck. We focus on all aspects of production so that you can focus on your clients needs. Shooting with us is just like shooting at home, but better. Much, much better.

We do things in-house. We’re a close team who live and breathe production. We love it!

We are into the art of servicing, if the work is awarded that’s a plus but that’s not our focus. Our focus is keeping our clients happy so they keep coming back. We think of smart ways to work with ever changing budgets and client needs. We pride ourselves on our flexibility.

Be it a big budget shoot, down to smaller online content films, we’ve got you covered. We have the resources and the experience to do it all. Studio, locking off city streets, stunts, explosions…we’ve got you covered.


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