ROLLING THUNDER is a full-service film production company and post-production studio with offices in Dubai and South Africa. We are renowned for creating unrivalled original and commissioned work that is bold, thought provoking and visually phenomenal.

We are passionate about imaginative storytelling, advanced application of high quality live-action, design, and new animation techniques to deliver breakthrough advertising in all its forms. Continuously producing work for visionary brands that trust us to bring their ideas to life, we are preferred suppliers to a growing number of creative agencies and collaborate with top-notch directors. Providing a complete in-house solution, from concept development and pre-production to actual production and unrivalled post-production, we are uniquely positioned to deliver both schedule and budget efficient projects with a multi-platform world in mind. This helps our clients create amazing content for any screen, every time. ROLLING THUNDER also provides full facilitation and production services for international companies who want to film in United Arab Emirates. With our other office being located in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, we are also able to assist with productions that cross borders and timelines.

We are driven to make our clients’ businesses thrive through our creative expertise and efficient execution, our inventive workflows and our thorough understanding of our clients’ (and their clients’) needs.


Some of our latest projects…






Dubai Sports Council


Hershey’s Kisses


Chevrolet Trailblazer “Turn”


Biskrem TVC


Snow Penguins at Ski Dubai


ADFCA “Fish”

"As a directorial dynamic duo, Henrik and Hermann specialise in effects intensive productions, integrating live action with CGI. And crime fighting."

− True Story

"Genetic scientists combined the DNA of Walt Disney, James Cameron and George Lucas. 9 months later we popped out of the test tube."

− #fact

"We put on our pants just like the rest of you – one leg at a time. Except, when our pants are on, we do award-winning productions."

− Yeah baby!